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RAVENOL engine oils are developed to meet the specific requirements of the Vehicle Manufacturer. Our advanced lubricant technology not only meets, but often exceeds, the latest requirements of modern vehicles, with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility producing lubricants in accordance with internationally recognized quality standards. Our exclusive CleanSynto ® technology provides for an optimised lubrication and protection of critical moving parts, thus greatly extending the life of the automobile. The large number of OEM Approvals confirms the high quality of our products. 

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Rallye-/Racing oils

Ravenol Racing Oils enjoy a very high respect throughout the motorsport industry, especially that of numerous engine and transmission manufacturers. Large numbers of competitors in international Touring Car and Sports Car series are successfully using RAVENOL Racing Products. Ongoing technical support is provided to several single seater series, in particular the FIA Formula 3 Championship, where RAVENOL is the official partner.

Motor Oils in Stock: 


ATF-Transmission fluids for automatic transmissions

Motor vehicles are equipped with manual, automatic, distribution and axel drives. To ensure proper function of the transmission over the entire period of use, it requires special gear oils for the corresponding modules. Therefore, gear oils are today a structural element in the development.

ATF – Professional Line: Developed using carefully selected additives and inhibitors to ensure the correct functioning of specialised automatic trans- missions.


Octane Booster

RAVENOL Petrol Octane Booster is an environmentally-friendly additive to increase the octane rating by 3-8 points for low-grade or insufficient fuel quality.

RAVENOL Petrol Octane Booster prevents engine noise such as ringing, banging or retarded engine ignition.

RAVENOL Petrol Octane Booster improves handling performance in peak ranges.



Modern engine coolants are more than just antifreeze.
RAVENOL Antifreeze is a cooling and antifreeze agent based on mono ethylene glycol (MEG), that has been produced to correspond with the newest water cooled motors, and to which a special ad- ditive package has been added to guarantee a year-round faultless functioning of your engine.

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